​​       KVA Communications, Inc.​                                                                        Underground infrastracture specialists

Since 2007, KVA Communications, Inc. has been providing exceptional service to the underground industry. We have placed thousands of miles of cable underground in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Our staff is very knowledgeable in the communications industry. We set high standards for our employees and this is reflected in the quality of work done by our crews. The work is always clean, neat and on time. Our equipment is accurate and of the latest technology. Integrity and honesty is what our company is built on and this will show in our work. KVA Communications is dedicated to excellence.

KVA Communications, Inc.

How we started...

Company Profile

Now, with over 15 years of experience, the employees of KVA Communications and I are committed to providing you with quality performance.  We have successfully drilled through creeks and rivers, under highways, freeways and railroads.  We have installed fiber optic cable, conduit and steel pipe in a variety of ground. KVA Communications Inc is a company that can be trusted.

What we stand for...

​​       KVA Communications, Inc.                                                                       

KVA Communications, Inc.


Founded: 2007

Founder: Alex Kvachev

Licensed: SC General Contractor

​                NC General Contractor


Areas of expertise:  Drilling , Trenching, Plowing, Fiber optic installation

Alex Kvachev     

It all started as a dream.  As a little boy, I always imagined myself digging with an excavator.  As time went on, I saw that my dream could turn into reality.  I started in the telecommunications industry connecting broadband internet to customers in Washington state as well as Oregon. That is how I learned of the underground communications industry.  Horizontal Directional Drilling highly interested me. I began looking into this trade.  I had the opportunity to move to Arizona to learn what drilling was all about. In Arizona, we encountered dry hard ground and I learned how to drill in those conditions.  After working in Arizona for a few years, I was transferred  to Florida and experienced the soft, sandy grounds of Florida.  In 2001, I moved  to South Carolina where I opened my own underground drilling business. Then in 2007 KVA Communications was incorporated.